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What Does Your Dash - Mean?

When you walk through a grave yard you will notice several things. First, you will notice people. People visiting deceased love ones and remainders of those they are visiting. Second, you will notice tears, sad faces and even a facial shadow of a fond memory. You might notices many other things, but the one thing that visibly states it is a grave yard are the tombstones.

In years gone by, before IPhones, the internet and computer games, families would visit, usually on Sunday, cemeteries. They were family excursions where meals where eaten, history was learned and stories shared.

Most of us know what is usually on a tombstone. A person's name, maybe a scripture, a military inscription, but something else that's very important the date of birth AND the date of death. Now that AND is very important. It is represented by a ---DASH.

The DASH represents what a person did between their birth and death. What happened during those years? What events took place: marriage? children? career? good deeds? tragedies? or war?

Everyone has a different DASH. Some DASHES are long and some are short. No one knows how long their DASH will be. In fact, the question is not "How long will my life last?" But, "What will I do with the time I have?" "What will my dash mean?"

Tombstones are always very interesting. Some stones are simple, even homemade adorned with colored glass or marbles. Some are very ornate, created from marble or granite. The inscriptions may be simple or fancy, but they all will have a DASH. Take time today to consider your DASH and make sure you leave a lasting, an loving testimony as a remembrance.

"And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son" (1John 5:11).

JUST SAYIN' by Dr. Jim Shaw