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Something Only God Knows

Most children that grew up like I did in the 1950's and1960's spent many hours playing outside. One of our favorite games was "Hide and Seek." The person chosen to be "it" would hide their eyes and count to fifty or one hundred; open their eyes and holler "Ready or Not, Here I Come." Those of us that had found our greatest hiding place would stay still and quiet and pray that we would not be discovered. The person discovered became "it" for the next round.

The house I live in was built by my parents in 1953. It had a large picture window with nine separate panes. When I was little I would head for that window and watch for my mother returning home from work around 4 pm. I would watch and wait and even though it was close to the time she came home, it would seem it would take forever for her to arrive.

It has been over 2,000 years since Jesus ascended back to heaven. Unless you teach theology or you are a pastor, the topic of His return never seems to come up. Why is that? If the first coming of Jesus revolutionize the world, then don't you imagine His return will shake the globe once again? Maybe because Jesus has not returned yet; people just assume He won't return at all. Maybe, people are just too busy being focused on themselves to think on such things or prepare themselves or their families for the eschatological event.

When will Jesus return? That question has been asked by many including the disciples "Lord when will you restore your kingdom" (Acts 1:6). The Lord answered that question in Matt 24:36 "no one knows - except the Father only." So Jesus said no person, angels, or even Himself knows the time. God alone is the only person that knows the time of Jesus' return.

Therefore, we as God's creation must be ready for His return. But how does one get ready?

1. Believe that the return is going to happen.

2. To participate in the return one must belong to

Jesus. 3. How does one belong to Jesus?

4. Take Jesus' warning to heart.

5. Be active for Jesus in your waiting.

We are currently experiencing "Passion Week." Some have said, if you can't get beyond the cross you will never experience the resurrection. I don't know when Jesus will return and neither do you. But if you wait until He splits the sky, you will not have time to get ready. Will Jesus come today? Will Jesus return on Easter Sunday? No one except God knows. The real question is not when will Jesus come, but are you ready for His return? Ready or Not Jesus is coming.

Just Sayin' by Dr. Jim Shaw